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Surfboard Rentals

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Surfboard Rentals

Ideal for: Surfers with experience that just need a board to ride some waves!

If you have surfing experience and do not need a lesson, we have a wide selection of boards to choose from (long, short, epoxy, fiber…. And the list goes on…), hand picked by us to satisfy all surfing levels, and Macao Beach’s conditions throughout the year.

Transportation is not included in the price of the rentals. If you need a ride, feel free to book the option separately and we will be delighted to go and get you!

I know how to surf, but traveling with my family I did not want to carry a board. It was a good thing I didn’t because the conditions that week were too small for my short board. I was able to choose an awesome Firewire longboard for the entire week! 🤙🏽 Macao is so worth going to, independently of the conditions, you will be stoked… Fred, USA.

What’s Included:

✔ Surfboard rental for allotted time

✔ Leash and necessary wax

✔ Use of our top-quality 50+SPF long-sleeve rashguards (also available for purchase)

✔ Mineral water

✔ Availability of locker, showers and restrooms

✔ Wifi, umbrellas and chaiselounges for non-surfing companions

Surfboard Rental

Our Rates

These rates are for one (1) Surfboard | All Rates are in US dollars, and same rate applies to adults and children | Bookings are guaranteed once paid in-full | Spaces are limited, book now!

  • US$10
  • US$20
  • US$25


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